Peacemaking 101


June 12, 2019


Hello friends!

My name is Dr. David Lowry--a professor of communication at Oklahoma Christian University. Fights, arguments, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings all take their toll on you. Constant bickering and petty quarrels significantly reduce the quality of your life and workplace productivity. But there is a better way. Welcome to Peacemaking 101 where you can learn new ways of communicating that make your life better--starting now!

With a little study and effort, all of us can learn to handle almost any conflict. Are you ready to learn new ways of solving everyday conflict?

At this website, I will teach you basic skills and techniques for improving your communication and peacemaking skills using the same techniques I have been using with my college students at Oklahoma Christian University for many years. OC is a faith-based institution that promotes peace, understanding, and God's love to all. We hope the things we present at our Peacemaking 101 Podcast make you a happier person as it makes your life better.

  • Learn strategies for saying what you want in less offensive ways,
  • Grow your emotional intelligence,
  • Learn better means of communicating what you are thinking and feeling,
  • Learn about common traps and misunderstanding,
  • Come to understand the nature of conflict so that you fear it less,
  • Learn strategies for handling difficult people

Learn about these and many other topics as you listen to our Peacemaking 101 Podcast.

Peace, Light, and Love,

Dr. David Lowry

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